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Compression Hosiery and Support Stockings


Ellsworth Medical carries a full line of Jobst and other compression socks. Whether for work, medical, pregnancy, or other applications, we can find you the right stocking at the right size.
compression hosiery

The use of compression hosiery is a proven and effective method for handling the problems associated with varicose or spider veins by promoting blood circulation in the legs.


We have a Certified Fitter available to assist you with choosing the best compression stocking for you, as well as the correct size and fit.


Regardless of your level of swelling, Ellsworth Medical is equipped to meet your needs. With over 12 years experience fitting compression/lymphedema products, our expert will ensure that you get the product you need.

"Thanks for getting us over "the rough patch." You provided excellent customer service and your thoughtfulness and effort is greatly appreciated. Great job! Thanks again."
- Henry, West Hartford

Our line of compression stocking products are not only the best in the industry but are also very affordable. Set up an appointment for a fitting today by calling us at (860) 298-9333.


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